Health security regulations

Dear Guests,

In the interest of your health and comfort we wish to inform you, in view of the current health crisis, that all cleaning and all measures of hygiene on our premises1 comply with the following official regulations:

- Ordinance of the Campania Region Nr. 51 of 24th May 2020 titled Protocollo di Sicurezza Anti-Diffusione SARS-COV-2 Strutture ricettive alberghiere, Complementari, e Alloggio in Agriturismo

  • COVID-19 recommendations as issued by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO), of 31. 3. 2020
  • National Protocol "Accoglienza Sicura" ('safe hospitality'), issued on 27th April 2020 by Federalberghi, Associazione Italiana Confindustria Alberghi and Assohotel in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross.

For more complete information we refer you to the following essential criteria:

  • The person in charge of your check-in will be wearing a mask. Should you yourselves not be carrying a mask with you, we will provide you with one, courtesy of the house.
  • Every new guest will have their body temperature checked. If the body temperature is higher than 37.5°Celsius (99.5° F) we will get you in touch with the local first-aid unit, tel. 089 691 111, called "Presidio Ospedaliero di Castiglione di Ravello Costa d'Amalfi". They will then take care of your case in your own interest and according to legal requirements. This first-aid unit is only 300 metres from our building on the street to Ravello.
  • In the entrance area to Casa Gargano you can find a container of alcoholic hand disinfectant. We request that you use this when arriving, as well as whenever you re-enter your apartment.
  • The person checking you in and who may enter your apartment for cleaning (according to arrangements made with you) will wear protective gear consisting of gloves, and a disposable surgical mask to be used only once, in order to completely comply with the regulations of the Italian Ministry of Health, as well as to provide optimum health protection for all, at the highest level.
  • In the areas accessible to all guests (entry areas, stairwell) all objects repeatedly touched by guests, such as door knobs, handrails etc., will be disinfected at regular intervals.

1 Casa Gargano is registered with the municipality of Ravello, number APSA000003-0007.

  • Prior to each check-in, the following cleaning and disinfection measures are taken, using:

• Disinfectant (Aethyl alcohol 96 %) for frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, keys, handles of doors and windows, light switches, bell buttons, tables, chairs, handrails, TV and AC remote controls, wardrobes, desks, etc. Extra care is taken in the kitchens where furniture and utensils, and also the consumables we provide for your use (salt, sugar, olive oil, tea, coffee) and their containers are in the focus of our attention.

• Thorough and highly efficiently cleaning and disinfecting of floors and bathrooms.

  • Linen and towels of al sorts are washed in our laundry area in our own machines under strict observance of all regulations.
  • Your apartment is fitted with:

• Hand disinfectant

• Soap

• additional paper tissues and toilet paper

• Disinfecting detergents for cleaning the apartment.

We have a COVID-19 emergency kit no. 1 with facial shield, socks, overall, gloves and an FFP3 mask for the case that is never to happen.


Our air conditioning system is regularly serviced (even twice as often as is suggested by its producer) by an expert maintenance team. The last maintenance service took place on 30th May 2020 and has been certified as usual.

We hope you can relax in safety here at our place.

Casa Gargano  is registered to the City of Ravello with license no. APSA000003-0007